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Becoming What God Asks of You

- Peter R. Breggin, MD - BRIGHTEON - SEP 27, 2021 -


Kimberly Milhoan is many things she never planned to be—a devout Christian, a medical missionary, a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist helping to save the lives of children around the world with her husband Kirk, who is a pediatric cardiologist and a minister. Beyond working as medical missionaries, their other many activities include running a food pantry and a free clinic on Maui.

Kimberly’s life has been led by the principle that “The need is the call.” By this, I think she means that God presents us with the needs of others and in a responsible, faithful, and caring life, we seek to fulfil them as best we understand them. As it does for many others, this rare devotion led Kimberly and her husband to a rich and rewarding life. One would expect that a couple so devoted to serving others would be richly rewarded with love from their community—and they were until ugly COVID-19 oppression descended on them as on so many honorable people. When they saw the sick and despairing coming to their food pantry which they kept open during COVID-19, and to her husband’s free medical clinic, they did what doctors do.

Kimberly took advantage of the shutdowns to study the scientific literature on COVID-19 and found Dr. Peter McCullough and other heroes of COVID-19 presenting scientific information on how to readily contain and cure COVID-19 with cheap and easily available treatments that the government tried to stop in favor of attacking America with deadly vaccines. They joined a diverse group of people devoted to freedom of information in health care. For these “sins” of being truly devoted Christians and physicians, and supporting freedom, this couple has come under heavy media and governmental attacks in Hawaii, including unconfirmed threats against her husband’s medical license.

Their zest for life, their faith, and their commitment to service has not changed, and this makes them an even more shining example than ever of the power of faith, undaunted optimism, and commitment to service. If you feel shaky about yourself under the threats and assaults of COVID-19, watch these two interviews, Kimberly Milhoan and then her husband Kirk next week: You will be renewed and inspired. Drs. Milhoan, thank you for your service to humanity, from Peter and Ginger.


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