Banned from Twitter and Facebook, which sites are the pro-Trump movement using now?

- SKY NEWS - Jan 13, 2021 -

Alexander Martin -

Trump supporters are moving to fringe websites after being banned from Facebook and Twitter

The attack on the US Capitol prompted unprecedented action from Twitter and Facebook, amid criticism that the president was using their platforms to foment an insurrection.

Tens of thousands of accounts, pages and groups tied to the more extreme parts of the pro-Trump movement have been suspended and banned following the attack - as have Donald Trump's own accounts - driving his supporters to fringe websites.

One alternative platform, Parler, was removed from Apple and Google's app stores over the weekend - with Amazon kicking Parler's website off its hosting infrastructure. Now, many of Mr Trump's supporters are seeking services that can resist action taken by tech giants and governments.

Sky News has observed a rise in the number of conversations and engagements taking place on platforms such as Gab, MeWe, Telegram and CloutHub.

The scale of the bans on mainstream social networks is not clear. Twitter says it has removed 70,000 accounts that promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory - but many users operated multiple accounts, so the size of the movement on the platform was smaller than it first appeared.


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