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Army HGV drivers on stand-by as Britain's food supply crisis escalates


Food supply crisis is looming in the UK (Image: GETTY)

BRITISH Army HGV drivers have been put on standby to relieve Britain's chronic shortage of truckers and food.

There is now a looming food supply crisis, with some supermarket shelves already empty and major food companies struggling to cope with demand. The call to place the Army on standby was made at a meeting between officials from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and food industry representatives. At this meeting, Chris Hall, head of logistics at Asda, said his supermarket was “just keeping our head above water”.

A formal request has been sent from the Government to the Army for urgent military help.

Now, approximately 2,000 HGV drivers from the Royal Logistics Corps and other regiments are being put on a five-day stand-by notice.

The troops could be needed to assist with the distribution of food and essential supplies.

A source speaking to The Sun on Sunday, said: “Messages are being sent out to all Army personnel with HGV qualifications.

"They are being put on a five-day standby notice for driving jobs at major distribution centres around the country.

“Soldiers will be put up in hotels where necessary and will be working extended hours to assist with the crisis.

“They will be involved with food distribution as well as the transportation of other essential goods and medical supplies.”

The source added: "HGV drivers in the Royal Logistics Corps have been told they are on five days’ notice.


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