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Arizona presidential vote audit update


Friday, the findings were announced from the Arizona Senate audit of the 2020 Presidential vote in Maricopa County. The way it was reported reminded me of the classic movie “Rashomon,” which invented the concept of completely different versions of the same story being told by different narrators.

Conservative outlets focused on the many irregularities that the audit turned up, such as over 17,000 duplicate ballots, 23,344 mail-in ballots voted from people’s prior addresses, 2,382 in-person voters who’d moved out of the county outside the window of eligibility, and other issues. The total ballots that had something questionable about them was 57,734, far more than Biden’s 10,457-vote margin of victory in Arizona.

Meanwhile, liberal outlets trumpeted the finding that the hand recount of ballots that were accepted in the county showed Biden did win, even picking up a few hundred more votes than originally reported. This wasn’t unexpected, since they were just recounting votes that had already been recounted (and I’ve noticed that whenever you do that, the Democrat total always increases for some reason.)

Incidentally, does anyone else find it amusing that after months of attacking the auditors as crazy, unqualified, unreliable hacks who shouldn’t be listened to, that when they produced a finding Democrats liked, liberal media outlets trumpeted the news as, “Audit vindicates Biden!”

So what conclusion can be drawn from this? Frankly, nothing solid, other than that Arizona needs to get a firm grip on its election procedures going forward. The auditors were blocked from obtaining all the data they needed, and while they found a lot of suspicious irregularities, they also found no hard proof that Biden didn’t win. None of this is going to undo the 2020 election results, no matter how much a growing number of Americans wish it would.

So I’ll just remind you of what I’ve said on several occasions since the November election: it’s not necessary to believe in rigged voting machines or stuffed ballot boxes or any other elaborate chicanery with the altered voting rules to conclude that this was not a fair election. Even if you put all that aside, we know it wasn’t fair because the people who ensured it was unfair not only admitted it, they bragged about it.

We’ve all read about how news outlets and social media platforms proudly threw out any pretense of objectivity to become organs of the Biden campaign, censoring conservative voices, trumpeting any negative news (even fake) about Trump and casting doubt on anything positive about him. Meanwhile, they promoted Biden relentlessly and hid damaging stories like the Hunter Biden laptop revelations from the voters (they called that “disinformation” until Biden was safely elected, and now it’s just “information.”) The media collusion with the Democrats alone was enough to certify this as a blatantly unfair election.

And if anyone on the left protests that their collusion with the Democrats is not rigging an election, remember: they still cling to the claim that the 2016 election was rigged because Trump colluded with Russia to manipulate the media, and that didn’t even turn out to be true.


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