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Are You Surprised? Fauci, Gates, DOD & CDC Funded Sudanese Lab Taken Over By Militants

- INFOWARS - Kelen McBreen - APRIL 26, 2023 -

An exclusive report by Natalie Winters of the War Room With Stephen Bannon highlights the American government’s involvement with a laboratory in Sudan that was recently overtaken by a group of rebel fighters who are at war with the nation’s military.

Image Credit: Tom Williams / Contributor / Getty

WHO warned this week the rebel group's takeover of the lab presents a 'huge biological risk' for humanity

The World Health Organization on Tuesday warned the globe of a “huge biological risk” now dangerous virus samples are in the hands of the rebels.

Winters’ article, published Wednesday, detailed how the lab has received funding from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and even the Department of Defense.

Winters uncovered a CDC pamphlet from 2022 revealing the agency “supported establishment of the first viral load monitoring facility at South Sudan’s National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL)” back in 2018.

Additionally, a research paper from July 2022 shows the lab was funded by the CDC and thanks the DOD’s US Agency for International Development for providing the researchers with “support.”

Regarding NIH funding of the lab, Winters listed NIAID grants during Fauci’s tenure totaling over $20 million.

  • K08 AI100923: $685,800

  • R01 AI130378: $1,805,616

  • AI106878: $7,341,083

  • AI099243: $7,877,483

  • AI103055: $3,850,785

One study funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) acknowledged The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a financial contributor.


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