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Are C0V1D vaxxine mandates really popular like the Democrats say there are?

- MIKE HUCKABEE - SEP 30, 2021 -

Democrats and their loyal media valets keep insisting that the dictatorial COVID mandates from President Biden and blue state Governors are wildly popular with most Americans. You know, just like their plans to raise taxes, legalize all abortions and spend more money than God has. But as with minorities, they don’t seem to have bothered talking to Americans before speaking for them.

With businesses already threatened by a lack of workers, hospitals dangerously understaffed and experts warning of potentially catastrophic shortages due to supply chain disruptions caused by a lack of workers, Biden and his power-mad cohorts are demanding that millions of people who object to being vaccinated be fired from their jobs. If you thought their previous prescriptions for COVID were worse than the disease, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. But as usual, the American people are wiser than their leaders and able to see this train heading toward them from far down the tunnel.

The latest Trafalgar Group poll asked, “Should Americans be fired if they refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccines?” A whopping 65% said, “No,” and only 22.2% said, “Yes.” Broken down by political views, Republicans said, “NO!!” by 83.5% to 9.7%. Independents said, “No,” by 63.6% to 15.5%. And even Democrats leaned toward “No” by 47.9% to 38.4%.

Maybe, unlike their leaders, they thought deeply enough to question the claim that the unvaccinated are “endangering” the vaccinated. How is that possible, if the vaccines work? And if they don’t work any better than that, why the drastic violation of citizens’ rights to force everyone to get them?

Once again, Biden’s Administration is reflecting Obama’s. He’s lurching toward unconstitutional government overreach and governing against the will of the people. Let’s hope and pray it works out as well for him in the upcoming midterm elections as it did for Obama in 2010. Republicans gained 63 seats to retake the House, the biggest power shift since 1948, and gained seven seats in the Senate. That wasn’t enough to retake the Senate then, but it would be now. And Biden has far worse self-created crises to deal with, and none of Obama’s political skills or personal popularity to offset them.


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