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Archbishop Viganò has message of encouragement for Judge Amy Coney Barrett

- LIFE SITE NEWS - Oct 15, 2020 -

John-Henry Westen -

In an interview with LifeSiteNews published today, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò gave his view on the attacks aimed at Judge Amy Coney Barrett because of her faith. 

And in a message to Judge Barrett and all true Catholics who would serve in public office, he advised they should “bear witness to the One who shed His Blood for them,” for with that, he said, will come “the necessary graces to carry out their duties in public affairs” and also they will “be an example to their brothers and will merit an eternal reward, which is the only thing that really matters.”

Speaking of the attacks on Barrett’s faith, the former Vatican representative to the United States was not surprised at the “hatred of the world, of which Satan is the prince (Jn 12:31).” He explained: “Those who preach equality and equal rights to the point of giving legitimacy to error and vice, become intolerant when they see their own abusive power is at risk – as soon as a Catholic politician, in the name of equal rights, wants to testify to his or her own Faith in legislating and governing.”

He encouraged faithful Catholics to soldier up. “With the unction of Confirmation, a Catholic becomes a soldier of Christ,” he said, warning that a “soldier who does not fight for his King but allies himself with the enemy is a traitor, a renegade, a deserter.”

He concluded his response with a line from the Latin chant to Christ the King: “May the rulers of the world publicly honor and extol Thee; May teachers and judges reverence Thee.”

There is much more to this interview. Read the PDF format by clicking here or read below.


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