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AOC serves up disinformation about Hunter Biden — and us

NEW YORK POST - Editorial Board - FEB 8, 2023

“I believe that political operatives who sought to inject explosive disinformation with the Washington Post couldn’t get away with it — and now they’re livid,” railed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Wednesday’s hearings about Twitter censoring the Hunter Biden story.

First off, Congresswoman, we’re the New York Post. We understand how you can get confused since you don’t spent much time in the city that elected you.

But that’s the least of your problems. For someone who claims to be an opponent of “disinformation,” you sure shovel enough horse manure to fill an MSNBC studio.

The Hunter Biden laptop was indeed “explosive” but not fake. If you don’t believe us, you can read the confirmations and follow-up reporting in countless other publications, including the Washington Post. Or you can believe Hunter Biden, who admitted it was his laptop in legal letters last week.

In fact, anyone paying attention in October 2020, when we first posted the story, knew it was real. First, despite your lie that we published “without any corroboration, without any backup information,” we interviewed the laptop repairman who provided it, we spot-checked a selection of key emails with Hunter Biden’s movements, and we interviewed people who corresponded with Hunter and confirmed the messages.

Oh, there was a smokescreen about how this “could be Russian disinformation,” but it was just that — a smokescreen. Democrats, the liberal media and Big Tech shot the messenger rather than deal with the truth: That emails show how Hunter Biden traded on his father’s name, and despite claiming he “never spoke” to Hunter about his business dealings, Joe met with some of his partners.

The Bidens, Joe included, also tried to cut a huge deal with a Chinese investment firm to begin after he left office.

There was nothing false about any of this. It just made Joe Biden look bad. So Democratic intelligence officials worked in concert with a social-media company to suppress a piece of true journalism before a presidential election. And Twitter still refuses to reveal who pressured it and how, with former officials hiding behind a lot of “don’t recalls” at Wednesday’s hearings.

Something tells us if an Elon Musk-owned Twitter blocked a story about a Republican, AOC would lose her mind. Instead what we witnessed on Wednesday was a coordinated bit of gaslighting — social media figures shrugging off questions with vague answers and Democrats on the committee yelling about how this wasn’t a scandal.

That’s what we’re livid about. And guess what: Americans are, too.

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