Antifa Could Be Branded as Domestic Terrorists Under Bill Being Discussed in Montana

- THE EPOCH TIMES - Feb 19, 2021 -


Antifa members march in Berkeley, Calif., on Aug. 27, 2017. (Amy Osborne/AFP via Getty Images)

Lawmakers in Montana are in discussions regarding a bill that would classify the anarcho-communist group Antifa as a domestic terror organization.

Antifa networks and ideologically affiliated groups have conducted violent street protests and riots in a number of cities over the past several years, including in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Olympia, and elsewhere.

Montana state Rep. Braxton Mitchell, a Republican representing Columbia Falls, told the Montana House Judiciary Committee during a Tuesday hearing that the bill is being considered.

The move would “send a message that we as a state won’t tolerate a group like this coming into our state,” he said, reported The Associated Press.

Opponents of the measure said that such a bill should be opposed if it does not also classify other groups accused of violent acts, including groups that partook in the U.S. Capitol breach in January.

The Epoch Times has reached out to Mitchell’s office for comment.


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