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Anthony Fauci just received the worst news of his life


Anthony Fauci knows the walls are closing in around him.

The public is pushing back against his attempt to keep the pandemic going.

And Anthony Fauci just received the worst news of his life when a leading Republican made this one prediction.

Anthony Fauci’s time basking in the limelight is coming to an end.

Despite Fauci’s fear mongering over every new variant that comes around, most Americans are ready to move on from the pandemic.

Even the Biden regime is slowly conceding that COVID is something we’ll have to live with forever.

However, the question about COVID’s origin still remains unanswered.

But during a recent interview with Newsmax, Senator Rand Paul made a stunning prediction about the search for COVID’s origin and Fauci’s role in covering it up.

Paul told host Eric Bolling that “elections have consequences.”

“We want to take over in 2022 when we’re in charge of the committees, and if I’m a committee Chairman, I promise you we will subpoena every last record. We’ll get to the bottom of why and what [Fauci] did to cover up the origins of the virus, what he did to protect the Chinese. We’ll get to the bottom of it,” Paul said.

“There are still records they won’t give us and that are redacted,” he added.

According to Paul, the most important record was a conference call where Fauci’s “scientific friends” told him that it looked like COVID originated in a lab.

But Fauci convinced his “scientific friends” to let him edit a letter they all signed claiming there’s no way COVID came from a lab leak.

That led to Fauci pushing the narrative that anyone speculating about a lab leak was a “conspiracy theorist.”

Finally, Paul offered a brutal reality check about Fauci, saying, “This is not a scientist. This is a Machiavellian political operative who has risen to the top and has too much power, and it’s gone to his head.”

This is another call for accountability for Fauci from Congressional Republicans.

During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures, Jim Jordan told host Maria Bartiromo that Republicans will launch an investigation into Fauci if they gain control of Congress in November.

Jordan added that he wants to team up with Paul and others to launch a massive Congressional investigation into the origins of COVID and Fauci’s role in funding the creation of the virus through gain-of-function research.

If Republicans gain control of Congress in November, Senator Paul could give Fauci yet another massive headache with an investigation to finally reveal the truth behind the origins of COVID.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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