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Another Truth Ministry? Government-Funded BBC Establishes First ‘Disinformation’ Correspondent

- MRC NEWS BUSTERS - Catherine Salgado - AUG 11, 2022 -

The leftist UK government-funded BBC is hopping aboard the Orwellian disinformation apparatus trend that’s been popping up in the U.S. and around the world.

BBC reporter Marianna Spring announced with glee in a tweet that she was promoted to be “the BBC’s first Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent!” Her role, according to her propaganda-laced tweet, involves “investigating real-world consequences of online disinformation, trolling & all that’s bad on social media with new podcasts, TV & more coming soon.”

But no individual or group should be made an arbiter of truth concerning free speech online.

A lack of objectivity and fairness, or bias, is an ever-present concern regarding content moderation. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) even warned about bias regarding artificial intelligence creation.

And Spring and the BBC are no exception.

Spring’s bias was on display in a November 2020 tweet when she cast former President Barack Obama as an unbiased arbiter of truth, able to discern “disinformation” versus fact online. In her tweet, she used Obama’s words to bash his successor, President Donald Trump.

Spring also claimed “conspiracies” and “disinformation” were “promoted by prominent figures, with huge followings - like those in charge across the world, including in the White House.” She ended her tweet thread by promoting an interview with Obama about disinformation.

In a September 2020 tweet thread, Spring seemingly defended leftist Antifa, which the Department of Homeland Security secretary characterized as a domestic terrorist organization in 2020, according to The Federalist. In the thread, Spring seemingly tied conservatives to “unfounded conspiracy theories about Antifa’s role in recent fires and protests.”


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