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Another Toronto school reports ‘Hitler salute,’ Jew-hating graffiti


The left is behind this. They supported and sanctioned Islamic Jew hatred targeted and smearing everyone one of us who spoke up and stood against this genocidal ideology.

“Clearly, something is broken in Toronto’s public school system and requires immediate attention,” Michael Levitt, FSWC president and CEO, said

Another Toronto public school is reporting incidents of anti-Semitism, including students performing a “Hitler salute.”

Parents at Valley Park Middle School received a letter last week referencing graffiti found at the school and an incident in which students did a “Hitler salute” in front of their classmates — and in front of a Jewish teacher.

Principal George Bartzis emphasized how seriously the school takes these matters and said that in early March, students and staff would hear first-hand testimonies from Holocaust survivors and their descendants, hosted by Carrying Holocaust Testimony.

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre (FSWC) released a statement Tuesday calling upon the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) “to proactively address the hateful stereotypes and misinformation that exist and send a strong message that Jew-hatred will simply not be tolerated within our schools.”

FSWC said the Grade 8 teacher at Valley Park told them two students stood up on a filing cabinet and performed the Nazi salute, after which a third student shouted “Heil Hitler” from his desk.

Michael Levitt, FSWC president and CEO, said, “This wave of anti-Semitism at TDSB schools that we are seeing is unprecedented in terms of both number of incidents and their escalating gravity.

“This most recent incident involving a Jewish teacher is particularly horrifying … It is unfathomable and shocking that, in 2022, a Jewish teacher is faced with Nazi salutes and a ‘Heil Hitler’ chant in her classroom. Clearly, something is broken in Toronto’s public school system and requires immediate attention.”

Spokesperson Shari Schwartz-Maltz said the TDSB is “not only devastated but angry that this keeps happening.”

“It just drives home to all of us the need for Holocaust education and all forms of genocide prevention education — and how important that is,” she said. “If we do not do that, this will continue to happen.”

Schwartz-Maltz said children see anti-Semitic symbols and statements on social media and on the news, and they become normalized. The swastika, she noted, is not only anti-Semitic “but has become a universal symbol of hate.”

A few weeks earlier, swastika graffiti was found at the school.

Also earlier this month, similar swastika graffiti and “Heil Hitler” incidents were reported at Charles H. Best Middle School in North York.

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