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Another mysterious hepatitis death in a child. What is going on?

- DAILY MAIL - JOE DAVIES - APR 24, 2022 -

Another TWO hepatitis-stricken children in UK have needed liver transplants as parents are told to 'be alert' for illness signs amid global outbreak that has killed one youngster and sickened dozens amid fears that Covid lockdowns weakened immunity

  • 169 cases of 'acute hepatitis of unknown origin' have been recorded worldwide

  • The World Health Organization did not say which country the death occurred in

  • At least 114 cases have been found in Britain and up to 11 were in the US

Two more British children have needed a liver transplant after being sickened with a mysterious form of hepatitis, health chiefs revealed today.

Ten youngsters have now undergone the critical procedure, with 114 now known to have been struck down by the peculiar illness.

UK Health Security Agency bosses today called on parents to 'be alert' to the signs of the liver disease, which has been spotted in 12 different countries, including the US, Ireland and Spain. One child has died so far.

Dr Meera Chand, director of clinical and emerging infections at the UK agency, urged parents to contact the NHS if they are concerned.

The majority of cases have been spotted in under-5s who were initially hit with diarrhoea and nausea before later getting jaundice — the yellowing of the skin/eyes. Other symptoms can include dark urine, grey-coloured faeces, itchy skin, muscle pain, a fever, lethargy, loss of appetite and stomach pains.

Investigations are ongoing but officials believe the illness may be triggered by an adenovirus, which is usually to blame for the sniffles.

Experts say lockdowns may have weakened the immunity of children and left them more susceptible to the virus, or the offending pathogen may have mutated to pose a greater threat. Other theories include a new Covid strain or co-infection with adenovirus and Covid.

UK officials have ruled out the Covid vaccine as a possible cause, with none of the ill British children vaccinated because of their young age. None of the 11 cases in the US were jabbed either.


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