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Another devastating report about the FBI.

- WASHINGTON EXAMINER - Heather Hamilton - MAR 23, 2022 -

'Failure to follow its own rules': Rep. Jim Jordan wants FBI to explain audit

Rep. Jim Jordan wants FBI Director Christopher Wray to explain what exactly is in an FBI internal audit that details violations of its own policies when conducting surveillance investigations.

Jordan, an Ohio Republican, and two other GOP representatives sent a letter to Wray on Monday asking for more information about the 2019 audit following a recent report, which said the audit showed the FBI "violated agency rules at least 747 times in 18 months while conducting investigations involving politicians, candidates, religious groups, news media and others."

"This internal audit and the staggering number of errors it found suggest a pattern of misconduct and mismanagement within the FBI in failing to uphold internal rules for its most sensitive cases," the letter read. "This internal review documented systemic FBI failures to follow its own rules and procedures."

Jordan told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Tuesday that the FBI has not responded to his letter but that grievances continue to surface and cannot be ignored.

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