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Another Covid Shot Authorized For Babies and Children Under 5 Years Old

- GELLER REPORT - DR. PANDA - MAR 15, 2023 -

The FDA has just granted emergency use authorization for the bivalent Pfizer COVID-19 booster for BABIES 6 months old through children under 5 years old. Based on ‘data’ from a trial of 60 children.

Previously the FDA authorized 3 doses of the original monovalent Pfizer vaccine for the age group 6 months - 4 years.

Here is the previous vaccine schedule from the CDC:

Now the FDA has authorized a fourth booster dose of the ‘new’ bivalent Pfizer ‘vaccine.’ A child under 5 years old is now eligible for FOUR vaccine doses. That’s wild! Not to mention the dose the baby received in the womb if a mother is vaccinated during pregnancy (which is not only recommended but often encouraged) or during breastfeeding.

Remember the bivalent booster was intended to target the ancestral strain as well as BA.4 and BA.5 - variants that are not even in circulation anymore. Currently, XBB.1.5 is the top circulating variant in North America - BA.4/BA.5 doesn’t even make the 20 list.

Besides Pfizer’s revenue, what emergency?

The United States is set to wind down its public COVID-19 emergency in May. People believe this will end the vaccine Emergency Use Authorization. This is FALSE. EUA authorizations are separate and not dependent on the public health emergency. They will continue pushing these EUA ‘vaccines’ for a long time - effective or not.

Children are not at risk from COVID-19 - they are in fact the least at-risk group.

We are starting to see the effects of these vaccines but still have no idea of the long-term health effects. We can’t even get scientists to agree on how long the synthetic mRNA lasts in the body. Yet we are told to give babies and toddlers FOUR shots?

I can only hope the uptake of these newly authorized boosters is even lower than the adult booster. Zero is ideal - but there are still many people who will get every booster offered.

As more countries stop vaccination programs for young people you must ask why is the United States authorizing more vaccines.

Are you really going to give a 4th dose to your child based on a 60-child trial?

Do you know people getting their kids vaccinated? If so, how many shots did they get?


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