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An Alternative To Paypal Is Coming

- GAB NEWS - AUG 1, 2021 - By Andrew Torba -

When Gab was banned from several banks earlier this year it inspired us to get right to work building our own free speech-friendly financial infrastructure. The age of financial censorship has long been coming and Gab was the canary in the coal mine on this issue over three years ago. When the financial censors came for us, few stood up to defend us. We were told to “go build our own” if we didn’t like it, so that’s exactly what we have been doing.

Facing financial censorship is nothing new for Gab.

Gab has been banned from Paypal since 2018 along with many other payment processors including Stripe, Square, Coinbase, and more.

We are even banned from accepting Visa and Mastercard despite operating a fully legal American business that sells software services and merchandise like hats, mugs, and shirts as our business model. Gab literally cannot accept credit or debit card transactions to sell you a hat on the internet. Thankfully we had options: checks and bitcoin. New and old technology coming together to defeat financial censorship. It’s not perfect, but it works and we are about to take it to the next level.

If you’re reading this it’s inevitable that one day all of these things can and will happen to you too, which is why we have been working so hard to build a solution for everyone. As I’ve been writing about for a while now: we need to build an alternative economy. In wake of this vaccine mandate madness that fact has never been more clear. Our human rights are being ripped from us and I’m not going to stand by and watch it happen.

Businesses, venues, sports teams, employers, and even our own federal government are all moving towards forcing people to choose between living and working in the existing economic system or being cast out for refusing to inject an experimental substance into their bodies. Choosing between feeding your family and retaining your bodily autonomy while remaining true to your religious convictions shouldn’t be a choice any human being has to make. It’s evil, it’s wrong, and you should be speaking boldly against it.

If they want us out of their system, then so be it: we will build our own. Now is the time to stand up tall and walk away from this chaos. With our dignity and self-respect in hand we will work together to forge a new path forward that secures a future of freedom for our children.

At Gab we are making great progress on GabPay, our Paypal alternative, as one of our many initiatives in the fight against the tyranny of the global elites.

At the moment we are jumping through a lot of legal and regulatory hoops, but things are moving quickly. Building your own Paypal is not as simple as “build the software and ship it.” The software side for GabPay is actually done already and works great. It’s the red tape that takes time.

An alternative to Paypal has never been more important now that the ADL will be combing through your financial transactions and ruining people’s lives for financially supporting people and organizations they don’t like.


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