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Americans, especially conservatives, face a two-tiered justice system.

- THE FEDARALIST - Jeremy - Business Development Associate - APRIL, 2023 -

The indictment of Trump is a clear perversion of justice that will undoubtedly make political prosecutions the norm in America. After 7 years of continued attacks by Democrats, I guess we suspected some version of this was always going to happen.

Democrats continue to peddle the slogan “nobody is above the law.” However, as Federalist Senior Editor David Harsanyi wrote this week, plenty of people (Democrats) are “above the law."

James Clapper, who lied under oath to Congress about spying on the American people, is above the law. John Brennan, who lied about a domestic spying operation on Senate staffers, is above the law. Unlike Trump advisor Peter Navarro, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder was never going to be handcuffed and thrown in prison for ignoring a congressional subpoena. He is above the law.

And obviously, Hillary Clinton is “above the law."

However, unlike the well-known illegal schemes of Democrats stated above, the charges Trump faces are basically just fake. Yes, paying a woman hush money isn’t the best look. But it certainly isn’t illegal.

The biggest concern is how easily Democrats were able to indict a former President on trumped-up charges (pun intended) with corporate media working as their henchmen.

The Federalists’ Legal Correspondent Margot Cleveland breaks down the case here.

Sincerely, Jeremy Business Development Associate

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