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(AMAZING!) Who is Responsible for the Murder of Millions? Some New Faces


Dr. Breggin spotlights Rick Bright—responsible along with Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates among others for the murder of millions of people in the world. Bright had been working with Gates and Claus Schwab for years, formulating the Bill Gates business plan for CEPI--the organization that coordinated the execution of the pandemic and blocked the use of early treatments and other interventions that would have prevented many of the deaths. Find out how long he has been working with Gates, Fauci and Schwab, and what Rick Bright is up to now.

Attorney Tom Renz comes on in the second segment to discuss details about the side effects of the COVID vaccines on military members that has been uncovered and the blowback he and his clients are overcoming in working to get the truth out.

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