After Telling Virginians They Didn't Need AR-15s, Northam Tells Them They Don't Need Church Pews

- THE WESTERN JOURNAL - Dec 13, 2020 -

C. Douglas Golden -

When state governors becomes nationally famous, it’s because they’ve done something exceptionally well, or horribly wrong.

It’s not that the two are always mutually exclusive. Half of America thinks Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is our lockdown goddess while the other half thinks she’s heavy-handed, draconian and fond of implementing freedom-restricting measures with no basis in scientific fact. However, there are often governors who can unite us all in unadulterated disgust.

For instance, when I was a kid and a salmonella scare was at its peak, meddlesome New Jersey Democratic Gov. Jim Florio banned restaurants from serving runny eggs for a brief period in 1992. Johnny Carson, then still at the helm of “The Tonight Show,” wrote Florio’s political obituary with one joke: “There’s something wrong with a state in which you can buy an Uzi, but there’s a 10-day waiting period to get a Caesar salad.”

Today, Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam finds himself nationally famous for all the wrong reasons: He’s at the helm of one of America’s most politically divided states during one of the tumultuous periods in American history and after a solid run of runny egg-style incidents going back several years.

He’s not banning Caesar salad and Uzis have long since been illegal at the federal level. In the midst of a pandemic, however, Northam has decided it’s high time to take away the state’s “church pews.”


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