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Adam Schiff Says Founding Fathers Would Want Trump Charged


Last Tuesday, independent journalist Matt Taibbi posted another installment of the Twitter Files outlining the government’s involvement in censoring COVID-related information on the social media platform.

Included in Taibbi’s thread was an email from Congressman Adam Schiff’s office demanding that Twitter suspended Real Clear Investigations reporter Paul Sperry over Sperry’s report on the whistleblower behind then-President Trump’s first impeachment.

Unsurprisingly, the discovery that Schiff was engaging in censorship by proxy put the California congressman on the hot seat.

In a desperate attempt to change the subject, the RussiaGate-promoting Schiff appeared on ABC’s “The View” last Thursday where he was able to shift the attention back to January 6 and former President Donald Trump.

Co-host Sunny Hostin asked Schiff what the next step should be now that the January 6 select committee has wrapped up its investigation and issued criminal referrals to the Justice Department against Trump.

She followed up by asking Schiff if he believes Trump and his “enablers” will go to prison, adding that the Justice Department “is dragging their feet” and that she could have prosecuted the case last year.

Suck-up that he is, Schiff told Hostin that he believed she could have “brought it to justice last year.” He said two things still have to be done. First, “there needs to be justice,” he said.

Schiff said the Justice Department must “live up to the commitment it made” to follow the evidence where it leads, telling Hostin that the evidence leads to Trump.

Schiff said Donald Trump “can’t get a pass,” arguing that it can’t be the case that a president is “somehow immune from liability,” responsibility, or justice “because it would be controversial.” Schiff claimed that the Founders would never have “subscribed to that kind of dangerous proposition.”

Yes, well, the Founders would also never have “subscribed” to the “dangerous proposition” of a sitting congressman infringing on the First Amendment by outsourcing the dirty work to Twitter.

Watch the video of Schiff on “The View” HERE.

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