Abp. Viganò on Pope’s new Fratelli Tutti document: Brotherhood against God is ‘blasphemous’

LIFE SITE NEWS - Oct 6, 2020 -

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Archbishop Viganò criticizes 'equivocal' statements of Fratelli Tutti that 'are lacking clarity,' and he once more rejects the novel concept of religious liberty introduced by the Second Vatican Council and which Pope Francis once more now endorses.

October 6, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In comments to LifeSite (see full statement below), Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò strongly criticizes different statements of the new papal encyclical on human fraternity, Fratelli Tutti, that seem to promote religious indifferentism (the idea that other religions are just as pleasing to God as the Catholic faith).

LifeSite reached out to the Italian prelate, asking him to comment on a few specific quotations from the new papal document that seem to indicate an attitude of religious indifferentism and a lack of zeal to convert others to Catholicism. LifeSite presented these quotations yesterday in an initial report.

In commenting on some of the new papal statements, the prelate rejects Pope Francis’ claim that “we, the believers of the different religions, know that our witness to God benefits our societies.” Here, Pope Francis suggests that a religion that is not following Jesus Christ could be good for society, thus excluding the claims of Jesus Christ as the King of society, as Pope Pius XI had explained them in his 1925 encyclical Quas Primas. Such a brotherhood that thereby is finally opposed to God – since it does not acknowledge Christ's Kingship on earth – can finally only be displeasing to God, according to Viganò, yes, even “blasphemous.”

The Italian prelate recently presented a larger analysis on how Christ the King has not only been eliminated from society, but also from the Catholic Church, in the wake of the Second Vatican Council.

Moreover, Archbishop Viganò criticizes “equivocal” statements of Fratelli Tutti (here is a summary of that document) that “are lacking clarity,” and he once more rejects the novel concept of religious liberty introduced by the Second Vatican Council and which Pope Francis once more now endorses. This teaching on religious liberty has been recently criticized both by Archbishop Viganò and Bishop Athanasius Schneider. There can be no right to do what is wrong, they insisted.

The Italian prelate makes it clear: “This concept of religious freedom – which replaces the freedom of the one Religion, the ‘freedom of the Catholic Religion to exercise its mission’ and the ‘freedom of the faithful to adhere to the Catholic Church without impediment from the State’ with the license to adhere to any creed, regardless of its credibility and credenda (what we have to believe) – is heretical and irreconcilable with the immutable doctrine of the Church.” He continues by saying that the human being “has no right to error: freedom from coercion magisterially explained by Leo XIII in the Encyclical Libertas praestantissimum does not eliminate the moral obligation to freely adhere only to the good, since upon the freedom of this act depends its morality, that is, one’s capacity to deserve a reward or a punishment.”



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