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Abortion Drugs Kill Women and Children

- NEWS WITH VIEWS - Cliff Kincaid - APRIL 12, 2023 -

The U.S. Supreme Court may be the only hope for America. And that’s because President Trump made three conservative appointments to the Court. But he also named other judges. One is Matthew Kacsmaryk, a U.S. District Court Judge who has cited substantial evidence that the FDA’s approval of chemical abortion drugs was illegal and that the drugs themselves are dangerous to women and children.

Evidence cited in the case demonstrates that the FDA approved the abortion drugs on an illegal and expedited basis even though they are associated with the deaths of not only the unborn babies but the pregnant women, as well as hospitalizations, blood transfusions, and cases of infection that jeopardize the lives of women and their children.

This Trump-appointed judge’s ruling is noteworthy for how he addresses the main issues, such as how the FDA ignored a petition challenging approval of the drugs for over 16 years, even though the law requires an agency response within “180 days of receipt of the petition.” He explains, “Had FDA responded to Plaintiffs’ petitions within the 360 total days allotted, this case would have been in federal court decades earlier. Instead, FDA postponed and procrastinated for nearly 6,000 days.”

Pro-abortion publications such as Axios are hoping that the judge’s “explosive ruling” will put Republicans on the defensive and enable Democrats to seize on the ruling “to paint Republicans as extremists on abortion.”

On cue, the far-left Women’s March Network counters that the Trump-appointed judge in Amarillo, Texas “went rogue,” adding, “We’re f*cking pissed off…”

“Mifepristone now,” they say, referring to the abortion drug. “Mifepristone forever.”

This kind of rhetoric scares some meek and mild Republicans.

One pro-life exception is Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.), who called the ruling “a victory for pregnant mothers & their unborn children.” She said she was grateful the Court reined in the FDA “for recklessly violating the law & jeopardizing patient safety.”

In providing the facts, the judge writes in clear and direct language that the drugs result in the killing of a human baby and the extinction of a human life. There is simply no dispute over this.

He writes, “Mifepristone — also known as RU-486 or Mifeprex — is a synthetic steroid that blocks the hormone progesterone, halts nutrition, and ultimately starves the unborn human until death. Because mifepristone alone will not always complete the abortion, FDA mandates a two-step drug regimen: mifepristone to kill the unborn human, followed by misoprostol to induce cramping and contractions to expel the unborn human from the mother’s womb.”

The legal reasoning in the opinion is important but I think his description of the unborn baby as an “unborn human” is also significant. He recognizes the scientific facts about the nature of unborn human life. This is why this judge is so hated by the feminists and the media.


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