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A Woman is not a Cat

- AMERICAN THINKER - Sloan Oliver - MAY 2, 2023 -

The Bible warns about calling evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20). Based on that warning, the Democrats should be very worried. The Dems are a party that openly lies and calls evil good.

They celebrate killing babies in the womb, revel in the authoritarian power they seized during the COVID lockdowns, and recently they’ve started to groom young children (as young as six and eight years old) to mutilate their bodies by confusing them about their gender. The Dems claim that if someone identifies as the opposite gender, we should celebrate and acknowledge their gender confusion. Well, I refuse to do so because doing so is dishonest and a lie.

Perhaps you’ve seen the video of Lindsay Graham, an Arizona woman who dressed as a cat to speak to her local school board. Graham wore a cat costume, introduced herself as a cat, said “meow, meow,” then asked who believed she was an actual cat. Nobody raised their hands. Which was exactly Graham’s point: nobody believed she was a cat because she’s not a cat. People aren’t stupid. But our Dems believe that we are. A woman doesn’t become a cat because she dresses as one, meows, and calls herself a cat; any more than a biological male becomes female by wearing a dress, heels, lipstick, and calls himself a woman. To accept that Graham is a cat is to accept fantasy for reality and a lie for the truth.

As Graham said, truth prevails over imagination and over fiction. One look at her and we know she’s a woman (not a cat) just like one look at a man, dressed as a woman, tells us he’s a man. If Graham truly believes she was a cat, she’d be suffering from a mental illness/disorder. Why would anyone – as she pointed out herself -- believe her when we know she’s delusional? The same question must be asked of a man who believes (or claims) he’s a woman -- why would anyone believe his delusions? And knowing he’s delusional, why on earth would we allow him to be near our children (as a teacher) forcing them to believe his delusion, to believe his lie?

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Our leftists, Dems, academia, and media (they’re all the same) lecture us and demand to know why it matters if David calls himself a woman. Their delusions and mental illness don’t matter, provided they keep their fantasy to themselves. However, it does matter when they publicly broadcast their mental illness and demand that society and sane people, go along with their delusion, and when they groom young children to accept their depravity. Increasingly, leftist positions are impossible to defend, which makes them (Dems and leftists) less prone to debate the issue of transgenderism (and less prone to debate most other issues). Instead, they scream at us, calling us dangerous, sexist, misogynist, racist, etc. for not believing or adhering to their delusion.

Graham explained that demanding that our children go along with the transgender insanity is worse than just lying to them. They’re demanding our children support, believe, and participate in dishonesty, and demand they deny the reality before their eyes. What I truly don’t understand is why any woman would play along with this idiocy. Why would any woman allow men to steal your achievements, to steal your position on a sports team, and to belittle what it takes to be a woman?

When Lia Thomas was a male NCAA collegiate swimmer, he wasn’t ranked in the top 500. A year later, calling himself a woman, and despite having male genitals, Thomas won the female 500-meter freestyle championship -- denying a podium spot to a biological female, and stealing a national championship from the same. Adding further insult to women, Thomas was nominated for the 2022 NCAA Woman of the Year Award, again denying a nomination to an actual woman.

A final point, if an eight-year-old child or a 16-year-old teen asked for a beer, tequila shot, or cocaine snort, a parent could be arrested for child abuse/endangerment if they complied to that demand. Why? Because a child’s body is still developing and such drugs are much more dangerous to young children and teens than they are to adults. Also, research has shown that the human brain isn’t fully developed until around age 25. (That’s one reason so many teens and young adults make stupid decisions -- their brains haven’t fully developed.) So, if society says it’s illegal to give alcohol, narcotics, and dangerous drugs to developing youths, why would anyone agree to or think it’s a good idea to inject irreversible hormones and chemicals into the same? And please don’t use the parental rights argument as a reason to allow young boys to mutilate their genitals. With rights come responsibilities. No responsible parent or doctor would amputate a child’s perfectly healthy leg or arm, but it’s okay to amputate a penis or teen girl’s breasts? Doing so is truly evil and calling it good is even worse. Dems, you have been warned.


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