A tidal wave of FREEDOM is coming... unexpected!

- STOP WORLD CONTROL - David Sorensen - DEC, 2021 -

Dear people of freedom,

We have to understand that we are at the very early start of something that is unstoppable and will flood the entire world.

What we are seeing now already in the worldwide awakening - where hundreds of millions of people are waking up to see how their governments, media and health organizations are insanely corrupt - is nothing compared to what will happen soon.

As the tyranny increases, the vaccine adverse events get worse worldwide, innocent and healthy people are rounded up in concentration camps, the injections cause heart disease in countless children, and all of humanity will see what is going on, I believe the current awakening will become something we cannot even imagine.

Who could have imagined what we are seeing now already?

The past decades only a tiny minority of people was aware of the dangers of vaccines, and they fought a hard, brave but seemingly impossible war to wake up an uninterested world, that was more engaged in watching stupid movies and silly Tv programs, than hearing about the dangers of vaccines.

Now... all of a sudden hundreds of millions worldwide know how incredibly toxic and destructive vaccines can be. I mean... 56% of all physicians in the USA is refusing the toxic injection.

The worldwide number of health professionals waking up to the unimaginable criminality of the pharmaceutical industry, is mind blowing.

Who could have imagined?

For the past century the media had a monopoly on the mind of mankind, determining strictly what the world was allowed to think, believe or do, without anybody having the slightest clue how they were being manipulated by the news, TV shows, and so called education.

Now a significant percentage of humanity no longer trusts the media, and this number is only increasing.

I see an explosion coming that will be far greater than what we have seen so far.

Let the wicked increase their tyranny. Let them put healthy humans in quarantine camps for no reason whatsoever. Let them impose mandates that are so ridiculous that only the very stupid will fall for them.

They are digging their own grave.

They will fall in the traps they put out for humanity.

. . . . . .

Now I will share something else which is extremely interesting and encouraging, although for some people it may pose a challenge, considering the source from which this fascinating information comes. Please do not be offended but just read on, and you will receive an infusion of great hope for the future!

Here we go...

At the start of this plandemic, I received one specific verse from the Bible several times from different people. That basically never happens en when it does, like this time, I know I better pay attention.

This is the verse different people - out of the blue - sent me:

‘The Lord become famous, by defeating His enemies with their own weapons.’

I wondered why this was brought to my attention and suddenly it dawned on me...

Check this out:

Facebook was - believe it or not - created by military intelligence agencies to be a tool to spy on and control all of humanity. But... it has been used to awaken humanity more than ever before, and kickstart the greatest revolution of freedom of all time.

Their censorship came too late. Hundreds of millions had already found out truth, and are now spreading it in a thousand other ways, outside of Facebook.

The current massive worldwide awakening would never have been possible without Facebook.

YouTube is the same story. Tens of thousands of truth revealing videos awakening hundreds of millions, before the owners of YouTube realized they better start censoring. They were too late. The lid was blown off and the steam had already filled the room.