A president for all Americans who think like him

- MELANIE PHILLIPS - Jan 12, 2021 -

Even before the transfer of power in America due on January 20, it’s already horribly clear that fears for the future of freedom and justice under a Democrat administration, with the broader forces of the left now unconstrained, are justified.

Most attention is understandably being directed at the clampdown on free speech by big tech after last week’s Capitol riot, and on the determination of Speaker Nancy Pelosi et al to impeach President Trump for a second time over his behaviour on that awful day.

We can already see that it’s not just Trump who is in the sights of the Democrats and the oligarchs of the left. It is also conservatives in general, the police, the US constitution and the indivisible principles of freedom, justice and equality.

President-elect Joe Biden’s statement after the storming of the Capitol was a shocking indication of how this is going to play out. With a police officer having been killed in the riot, and with graphic evidence of the onslaught on the wholly outnumbered and inadequate police force (another story), Biden actually accused the police of being soft on the rioters and, quite incredibly, accused them of racial discrimination.

Referring to a text conversation he’d had with his grand-daughter, comparing how law enforcement officers were treating the Capitol rioters with the way in which Black Lives Matters activists had been treated during last year’s demonstrations over the death of George Floyd, Biden said:



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