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A nuclear World War III may be closer than you think

AMERICAN THINKER - Thomas Lifson - JAN 29, 2023

A United Nations body apparently thinks nuclear war may be imminent. Tim Newcomb of Yahoo News writes:

Photo credit: Image: ChristianIS via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

A United Nations body apparently thinks nuclear war may be imminent. Tim Newcomb of Yahoo News writes:

A new World Health Organization (WHO) report calling for an increased global preparedness for radiological and nuclear emergencies doesn’t spell out any particular current conflict, but it doesn’t need to. The world has become fully aware of the increased dangers of radiological and nuclear threats. In the just-issued report, the WHO updated its list of medicines that governments should stockpile for these types of emergencies, including medicines that “either prevent or reduce exposure to radiation or treat injuries once exposure has occurred.” “In radiation emergencies, people may be exposed to radiation at doses ranging from negligible to life-threatening,” Maria Neira, WHO acting assistant director-general of the Healthier Populations Divisions, says in a news release.

I am so old that I remember leftists driving around with bumper stickers that read” One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day.” I wonder what happened to them. I guess that when their Volvos hit the junkyard they didn’t put the same bumper sticker on their next car.

Make no mistake: With the supply of German-made Leopard tanks and US-made Abrams tanks to Ukraine, the US and NATO are escalating the war in Ukraine. In a pattern all too familiar to those of us who watched the US involvement in Vietnam expand, US “advisors” are already on the ground in Ukraine, and with the provision of more sophisticated weaponry, their role can only increase. Skeptics believe that US service members and contractors already are operating weapons systems, in effect fighting a war against Russia.

Vladimir Putin, whom some characterize as deranged, has warned that war against Russian territory would be an existential threat, yet there is talk of an offensive to regain Crimea for Ukraine, which is territory that Russia regards as part of its homeland. Biden regime figures loosely talk of regime change in Moscow as the goal of this war.

It is not unreasonable to fear that if Vladimir Putin is cornered and fears regime change that would almost certainly involve war crimes trials or death for him, he would use nuclear weapons to defend against an “existential threat.”

I am sorry, but I don’t see defending a corrupt regime in Kyiv that helped stage an impeachment against President Trump as worth risking nuclear war. But that’s just me. A nuclear bomb exploding over San Francisco would certainly ruin my whole day, and all the days to follow.

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