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7 Facts Fauci Knew But Hid From the Public

FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE - James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D. - JAN 16, 2023

Dr. Doom is also the Dr. of Deceit.

Editor’s note: Last Monday, House Republicans commissioned a special investigative panel focused on the Covid ‘pandemic’ during which they aim to question scientists and federal officials, including Dr. Fauci, about the origin of the crisis and the U.S. government’s response to it.

The following is a paraphrase of the opening round — the warning shot — by U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) last Tuesday in which he used his time to outline seven facts that Dr. Anthony Fauci knew, and, more importantly, what Fauci did, and did not do, when he was made aware of these facts.

This does not bode well for Fauci and those involved in the cover-up.

  1. Fauci understood that American tax dollars went to EcoHealth Alliance and that money was then funneled to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) lab in China.

  2. Fauci knew EcoHealth Alliance was given an exemption from the pause on gain-of-function research.

  3. Fauci knew that the security standards at the WIV lab in China were deficient.

  4. Fauci knew that EcoHealth Alliance was not in compliance with its grant reporting requirements and wasn’t adhering to the contract.

  5. Fauci knew that gain-of-function research was in fact being conducted in the WIV lab in China.

  6. Fauci knew that the standard P3CO interagency review process wasn’t followed in approving the grant to EcoHealth Alliance.

  7. Fauci knew that the virus likely came from the lab where U.S. taxpayer dollars were sent … the very city where that lab is at, a deadly virus breaks out that would ultimately kill six million people around the world.

Importantly, what did Fauci do when he had this information?

On Feb. 1, 2020, what did Fauci do with this information?

Did he tell the president of the U.S., commander in chief, and say hey we’ve got a deadly virus that’s broken out in China in Wuhan where we’ve been sending American tax dollars to a lab that’s not up to code that’s doing gain-of-function?

Did he tell the chief of staff?

Did he tell his boss, former Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar?

Did he tell Dr. Robert Redfield? Dr. Deborah Birx? Dr. Brett Giroir?

No, he organized a conference call Feb. 1, 2020, at 2 p.m., with him, Francis Collins and 11 virologists from around the world to who he had been handing out American tax dollars for years and years and years …

Before that call, virologists including Kristian Andersen said things like “virus looks engineered, virus not consistent with evolutionary theory.” On the day of the call, Andersen said, “I don’t know how this gets done in nature but it would be easy to do in a lab.”

On this conference call, they get their story straight and three days later the very people who said this thing came from a lab change their tune and say that anyone who thinks that is crazy …

In an email from EcoHealth Alliance, Fauci received gratitude: “This is terrific, we are happy to hear that our gain-of-function research funding pause has been lifted” …

Over the last several years, Fauci told us:

  • it wasn’t our tax dollars.

  • it wasn’t gain-of-function.

  • it wasn’t a lab leak.

  • the vaccinated can’t get COVID-19.

  • the vaccinated can’t transmit the virus.

  • there is no such thing as natural immunity when it came to this virus.

We can’t trust some of the folks who were supposed to give us accurate information because they didn’t … they knew from the start.

If you’ve got a government not giving it to you straight, that’s something that you have to make sure we understand so it doesn’t happen again.

Not only we don’t want a terrible virus to happen again, we don’t want the government misleading us about a virus that could happen.

Starting next month we’ll look into it. We’ll make sure the country gets the facts like they should have had on Feb. 1, three years ago.

James Lyons-Weiler is the president and CEO of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, an advocacy group that pushes for accuracy and integrity in science and for biomedical researchers to put people’s health before profits. An established academic and researcher, he has a bachelor’s degree in biology, a master’s degree in zoology, a Ph.D. in ecology, evolution and conservation biology and a postdoctoral in computational molecular biology — and he’s the author of “Ebola: An Evolving Story and Cures vs. Profits.”

Originally published on James Lyons-Weiler’s Popular Rationalism Substack page.

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