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17 More Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine


SOURCE: Johns Hopkins University CSSE COVID-19 Data

A lot of people have asked me for an update to my original 18 reasons article.

Many have asked if I’ve changed my stance now that the jabs have been available for longer.

I wish I could say that in the seven months since writing that post, that world events (and vaccine effectiveness) convinced me I was wrong.

That definitely did not happen.

I stand by all my original 18 reasons. Now I have additional concerns about these jabs…many of which I find even more alarming. Quick aside: For anyone seeing the title of this article and feeling like it’s not relevant because you already got the shot…

…can you give me one minute?

I promise:

  1. I’m not your enemy.

  2. This article is relevant to you.

  3. I’m serious about understanding your perspective too.

  4. I’m going to say at least two important things you strongly agree with.

If you make it to the end and still disagree with me, that’s ok.

Maybe in reading what’s below you’ll understand why so many people are leery of these shots.

Even better, maybe you and I can model some constructive dialogue together—at the end of this post I’ll even offer an invitation to talk with me directly if you think I’m missing the boat.

With that in mind, let me attempt to start this post with a couple of things we agree on…

1) We all want covid to go away!

I, like you, am beyond tired of this topic.

I hate the division it brings, the lives it is claiming, and the political football it has become.

2) We all want a return of our freedoms.

As I see it, the challenge with ending covid is we differ so fundamentally on what that will take.

Where one side sees compliance as the path back to freedom, the other side sees resistance as the only way to truly be free again.

Unsurprisingly, both sides are exceedingly frustrated that the other side doesn’t “get it.” We say with contempt: “If you people would just do your part (i.e. think like me), all of this will go away.”

My friends (on either side of this discussion), the idea that one side is going to fold, is not going to happen.

So, instead of anger, avoidance, or snide comments on social media…

Come, let us reason together.

Bridging this chasm of perspective will require a lot of difficult conversations, and probably a herculean level of grace, deference, and a willingness to look for where we might be wrong.

That’s our gap, so let’s face it boldly and with humility.

May a better way start today.


My hope is that you’ll consider this post as the next step in an ongoing conversation. To that end, if you’re inclined to comment, please do.

The rules of engagement are the same as they are for my other posts:

  1. You must be respectful and treat others the way you want to be treated.

  2. You have to logically present an argument not just post a link.

  3. You can’t use labels (anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist, blind sheep, etc.) – labels are divisive and intellectually lazy. Let’s do better.

Agree or disagree with me, if I see you break any of the rules, your comment will be deleted.

All right, enough with the long introduction.

Without further ado, here is why I’m more against these so-called “vaccines” than ever.


If ever there was an obvious example of willful determination by our public health officials to believe in something despite all evidence to the contrary, these injections are it.

Remember that “95% effective” story we were sold?

What a misplaced hope that turned out to be.

While we could look at compelling evidence of failure from the most vaccinated nations and states in the world (Vermont, Maine, Colorado, the UK, Wales, Chile, Seychelles, Ireland, or Mongolia), let’s just stick with the most glaring example of the utter failure of these shots—Israel.

With the belief that Israel would be the shining example of how to get back to normal, Netanyahu sold out his entire country in an exclusive contract with Pfizer.

Israel is a shining example all right, but not for vaccine effectiveness.

What am I talking about?

I’ll leave it to Dr. Peter Doshi (editor of the British Medical Journal—BMJ) for the mic-drop article about this ridiculous, efficacy sham.

Here is the inconvenient data of what Doshi calls “The elephant named ‘waning immunity’.”

  • In early July 2021 Israel reports the vaccine was 64% effective.

  • By late July 2021, Israel reported the vaccine was 39% effective.

That’s a major drop in less than a month.

Curious about the efficacy rate after that?

Me too…but Pfizer supposedly doesn’t have any data past six months into their trial—i.e. March 2021.

Um…how long have these trials been going on?

And that prompts another important question:

How could the clear signals of dramatically-waning immunity lead to a “full FDA approval”? Side note: I’ll discuss the “full-approval” ruse shortly.

For now, let’s set aside that approval issue…

(and set aside 1. The reality that the un-injected, human immune system remains 99.9% effective at beating covid, and 2. The Lancet article that says the absolute-risk reduction a jab confers is a whopping 1.3% decreased risk at best)

…and stick with the mainstream narrative.

Given the waning efficacy, what sense do these shots make, and why in the world are they the only way back to normal?

One would think (in light of such concerning data) that world leaders would admit they picked the wrong (exclusive) strategy and at least give us more options besides mandating increasingly-worthless shots for a version of a virus that scarcely exists anymore. Don’t hold your breath.

Here’s why…

Predictably, instead of admitting the painfully obvious, ending the jab program, or pivoting to other treatments, Israel (and now the CDC) is doing the opposite:

Now the double-jabbed get to rejoin the “unvaccinated” group.



  • If you’re not TRIPLE jabbed, your vaccine passport is (or will soon be) invalid.

  • Not only that, Israel is now gearing up for their FOURTH shot.


Let that sink in…

The first and second shot didn’t work, the third isn’t working either, so let’s plan for four? Um…remind me the definition of insanity again.


Apparently so…

This is our life for now, in waves” said Salman Zarka, Israel’s chief covid-19 officer. Here’s my question: Where does this jab treadmill end?

Do we really think they can outsmart nature and “booster” our way to zero covid?

Even more concerning, do we really think rushing out a (mandatory, one-size-fits-all, liability-free) jab every few months never risks producing (another) harmful product? Did we forget how wildly ineffective (often as low as 10%) the annual flu shots are?

Did we forget that “fully approved” drugs (that were actually studied for years) frequently get pulled from the market—hello Vioxx, Celebrex, opioids, etc?

Are we really going to embrace the idea of a no-exceptions, twice-annual (or multi-annual) “immunity membership,” sacrament, I mean passport, in order to live our lives? But here is a concerning situation, and a super-uncomfortable reality we have to face…


Mindbender alert: Could it be that it’s actually the vaccinated who are keeping covid going?

For those who want to get bogged down in the country-by-country stats, knock yourself out, (there are 68 countries in this study) but to not get too bogged down here, let’s observe the high-level, repeated pattern.

The more vaccinated a country (or state) becomes, the more there is a corresponding surge in covid deaths, and the surge is typically higher than the natural, pre-jab peak. I could throw a bunch of graphs and headlines at you but suffice it to say they tell this story…

Mindbender alert: Could it be that it’s actually the vaccinated who are keeping covid going?


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